Other ClassicCool Show Cats


Pictured below is ClassicCool Caruso of Pusakarimba

His new owner Shafei Husin "AFI" came from Malaysia

to show him at the World Show in Oaks,PA.& take him to his new home.

Caruso is a five month old kitten and brother to ClassicCool Lestat.

GPR ClassicCool Gideon

Gideon became a TWO SHOW GRAND and

was shown by

Linda DeVito

ClassicCool GPR Rocky Raccoon

Rocky became a TWO SHOW Grand Premier and is

currently being shown by Linda DeVito



GPR ClassicCool Gideon & GRP ClassicCool Rocky Raccoon as Kittens

GPR ClassicCool Thor

GPR ClassicCool Thor Pictured the day he granded

Owned by Lori Dolak


CH ClassicCool Bridget of Koontahdin

Pictured below is GPR,RW ClassicCool Clooney

24th Best Cat in Premiership in the NAR

Clooney is owned & was shown by Dave & Barbara Sliker in NJ




PR ClassicCool Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy also lives with Dave & Barbara and was shown by them.



GPR ClassicCool Freddie Mercury is also owned & was shown

by Dave & Barbara. We thank them for their beautiful presentation on

every one of them.



GC ClassicCool EZ Rider of Reigningcats

2 Show Grand at 9 months

3rd Best of Breed in CFA Region 7 - 2004

Owned and shown by Karon Hansberger


CH ClassicCool Superfecta of Mayne Chance

Grand Pointed

owned & shown by Mike Jacobi



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