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Grand Champion
Triple Regional Winner
Lestat De Lioncourt

2015-2016 Show Season
Best MC in Championship
6th Best AB Cat Championship
Best of Breed MC
Region 1 - CFA
3rd Best MC Championship
Regions 1-9 - CFA
2nd BOC MC Nationally
5th Best MC Nationally

2014-2015 Show Season
9th Best MC Kitten Nationally
14th Best Kitten in Region
15th Best Cat in Championship
Best of Color MC Kitten
Best of Color Championship
2nd Best of Breed MC Kitten
2nd BOB Championship


Grand Champion
Red Hot Chili Pepper

2009-2010 Show Season
Best MC Kitten in Region
Best of Color Championship
3rd Best of Breed

 2012-2013 Show Season
Best of Color Championship


Grand Champion
Dbl.Regional Winner
Don Giovanni

2016-2017 Show Season
2nd Best MC Kitten
Regions 1-9

Best MC Kitten in Region
6th Best AB Kitten
17th Best Cat
2nd Best of Breed
Best of Color


Regional Winner
ClassicCool Amadeus

Grand Champion
Regional Winner
ClassicCool Wolfgang

Grand Champion
ClassicCool Mephisto

2010-2011 Show Season
Best MC Kitten in Region
23rd Best AB Kitten

 2005-2006 Show Season
8th Best MC Cat Nationally
2nd8 Best Brn/Wht Nationally
18th Best Cat in Region
3rd Best of Breed in Region
2nd Best MC Kitten in Region
Best of Color in Region 





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