ClassicCool Cattery is located in southern NJ in historic Woodbury. We are easily accessible to New York City, Eastern PA, Delaware, & Maryland.

ClassicCool Maine Coons started in 1996.  We are a small cattery and have been since our inception.  Our Maine Coons are all raised underfoot and have the run of our home.  We produce quality kittens which meet the Maine Coon Breed Standard. Each of our kittens receives lots of individualized attention which is key to becoming a well socialized adult.  For more information on our our kittens including current availablitiy please visit our Kitten Inquiries page.

When we started vending at cat shows we took an immediate interest in the Maine Coon cats as we watched them compete week after week.  We spoke to many breeders and after much deliberation we finally decided on our first Maine Coon. Many years prior to this we bred shaded silver Persians. CH Shadowrock Mozart's Riff  was a cool brown tabby with a feral look.  Riff was also our very first experience in showing a cat.  We championed Riff in his first TICA show and then took him to CFA shows to see what each of the organizations was looking for in the breed. Although he never became a grand champion he was a huge cat at 25 lbs. Sadly, he passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 16 yrs. After Riff came GC Adventhill Haydn Sonata of ClassicCool.  Sonata was our first Grand Champion and the first of our Grand Champion females.  This was our beginning.  The rest is history as they say.

We register our cats in CFA exclusively.  We are members of the Maine Coon Breed Council of CFA.  Over the years we have been members of the Maine Coon Cat Club, Garden State Cat Club, and the Japanese Bobtail Cat Club. Donna is a member of the CFA Mentoring Program and has been doing this for the past few years.  She is always happy to help newcomers with the knowledge she has gained in the areas of health, nutrition, grooming, and the presentation of our breed in the show ring.  We have also been involved with Persians, Abyssinians and the Japanese Bobtail in years past.

We constantly strive to improve the breed. One of our goals has been to produce cats that meet the standard in both CFA & TICA. We keep up with all of the new health advancements made for our breed for our cats well being.  In addition to this we have devoted much time and effort in showing our cats.  In this venue we have been rewarded by their many accomplishments in the show ring. We have consistently produced many Grand Champions & Regional  winners.  We have received a Distinguished Merit Award and many National Awards from the Maine Coon Breed Council.  Although our primary focus has been in CFA our cats have done well in both organizations with awards in both. Our cats' pedigrees contain National winning cats in CFA as well as International & Regional winning cats in TICA.

We love our cats and the joy that they bring us.



S H O W    N E W S     S H O W     N E W S    S H O W    N E W S    S H O W     N E W S 







                                              Donna pictured above after receiving Lestat's Award
                                          for his Achievement in the 2015-2016 Show Season at the
                                        Cat Fanciers Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada      


Presenting RW ClassicCool Lestat De Lioncourt

at the World Show in Oaks, PA  11/22-11/23/14


GC,RW ClassicCool Lestat De Lioncourt

The World Show in Oaks, PA 11/21/15

Pictured here at 5 mos. of age

He was named BEST OF BREED Maine Coon Kitten in Show.

                                          Judge Bob Zenda with Lestat and proud mom                                                                                                                                                                


ClassicCool Rhiannon is now a Grand Champion!

ClassicCool Rocky Raccoon became a Grand Premier

& a Regional Winner!!!

ClassicCool Lestat De Lioncourt became a Grand Champion

& a Double Regional Winner!!!


We congratulate our catteries newest Grand Champions/Grand Premiers

for the 2013-2014 show season

GC ClassicCool Clair De Lune

GPR ClassicCool Gideon owned & shown by Linda DeVito

GPR ClassicCool Thor owned & shown by Lori Dolak

CH ClassicCool Rhiannon received a Regional Best of Color Award

We would like to congratulate Teresa Keiger & GRP ClassicCool Blunote of Platina Luna for Granding in  Premiership in Simpsonsville, SC.  What a great way to kick off the 2010-2011 show season.  Blunote was shown by CFA judge Teresa Keiger who is now an Allbreed Judge.

Since the beginning of the 2009-2010 show season ClassicCool Red Hot Chili Pepper became a Grand Champion at only nine months of age. The show season has now come to an end and Chili has attained Best Maine Coon Kitten in our region. We showed him in championship for a time and he is also the Best of Color MC Kitten and the Best of Color MC Cat in Championship in our region. In addition to this he received the Third Best of Breed Award in MC's in Championship.

In the  2008-2009 show season GC,RW ClassicCool Little Richard Wagner finished as the 22nd Best Allbreed Cat in Championship. He is also the Best of Color MC for this season and the 2nd Best of Breed.  This made him our first double regional winner. It has been another successful year for our cats.

In the 2007-2008 show season in CFA GC,RW ClassicCool Little Richard Wagner, RICHIE, was the 4th Best MC Kitten Nationally.  He was the Best Maine Coon Kitten in Region 1 and Best of Color Kitten. Richie placed 13th Best Allbreed Kitten in our region and came in 3rd Best of Breed Maine Coon in Championship this season. He also placed 2nd Best of Color in Championship. Richie was the Best MC Kitten at the Madison Square Garden show  following in Taylor's footsteps from the previous year.

CH ClassicCool Sedona was our first cat to achieve a Distinguished Merit Award for our cattery.  We are very proud of Sedona as she had to produce five CFA Grand Champions to receive this award.  This is not an easy task.

                                                        O T H E R      A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S

ClassicCool Samson is the largest cat in New York City. His story has been picked up by social media across the world, along with TV interviews and meetings with celebrities. He will be at Cat Con in Aug. 2017 in California.

GC ClassicCool Red Hot Chili Pepper has been used in a TV commercial for Blue Buffalo cat food. His dad Richie was also used in the same commercial. This is now airing on various cable stations.The cats are in three seperate commercials.

GC ClassicCool Little Richard Wagner did a photo shoot with V Magazine for their publication while competing at the Madison Square Garden Cat Show.

GC ClassicCool Vivaldi's Vixen is featured on a book cover, Love Is A Many Trousered Thing,  by Louise Rennison.

ClassicCool Bono was also used in the Arm & Hammer litter commercial which aired on cable stations.





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GC ClassicCool Mephisto & GC, RW ClassicCool Don Giovanni




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